Some random videos I've taken.

Various edited & un-edited videos taken over the years.   Latest 20 videos shown below.

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2019-05-29 - DOH vs Chiefs

2019-05-29 - DOH vs Chiefs. HTBHL. Note: Not taken with my GoPros...

ball hockey - toe injury in warmup

toe injury in warmup

goal @ 9-9 - reverse angle

Was the ball covered? :)

Greg & Kyle hit in the head

Greg & Kyle hit in the head in the same game.

goal @ 9-9?

Was it a goal?

One Goal...


2018, Jan 6 | McNabb Ball Hockey | Bad Goal

Bad goal? :)

Las Vegas NASCAR Experience

Prepare For Take Off - Big Sir our Foster Grey...

3-2-1 Lift-off... :)

HDIC - 2017

Hockey Day In Canada Music by: Bobnoxious (

Chadwick in the Snow

OSAHL | Seniors League @ CTC | Feb 2nd, 2016

The OSAHL guys took to the ice @ Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa for a fun game of hockey! Music by: The Zambonis (

HDIC - 2016

Hockey Day In Canada @ BC's Place! Music by: The Zambonis (

Chippy: Upgrading Afternoon Snack

GoPro caught our back yard resident Mr Chippy today upgrading his meal :)

2015, Apr 24 | iRacing Laps | Gord

Introducing friends to iRacing...

2015, Apr 24 | iRacing Laps | Tim

Introducing friends to iRacing...

2015, Apr 24 | iRacing Laps | Terry

Introducing friends to iRacing...

Elliott Showing Dad A Thing Or Two

This is a slapshot Dad!

Justin's Hockey Trip 2015

Roadtrip deets: Sabres vs Sens, Floor Hockey, Gaming, Flames vs Sens. Music: Fossils by The Motorleague Over Till It's Over by The Ditch Pigs

2015, Feb 14 - B4T Team Hockey Day In Canada Party

B4T Team + alum end of season party. Table Top Hockey prizes provided by